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attorney Tomasz Janik

Business and commercial law

Our services include, among others:

  • representation in the registration court proceedings (registration of the subjects in the Nation Register of Court and making suitable amendments), including preparation of the documents necessary in the registration procedure
  • representation in the civil, administrative and court-administrative court proceedings related to conducted business activity,
  • representation in the bankruptcy proceeding and restructuring, in particular the preparation of the applications for the bankruptcy in the name of the debtor and the creditor, liability applications, representations in the proceedings concerning decisions on prohibition of business activity,
  • preparation of the agreements drafts and articles of incorporation, resolutions, regulations and internal documentation,
  • ongoing consulting in terms of business activity, including selection of the appropriate model for the business activity,
  • creating, connecting, transforming and liquidation of the commercial companies and preparation of the agreements drafts concerning sale of shares and stock.

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